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How it works

Craft Your Criteria

Craft Your Criteria

Filter Backhunter's domain data based on your custom and preferred criteria.

Get a Valuable Domain

Get a Valuable Domain

We show you the best domain based on your filtered criteria, browse it and export it.

Purchase the Domain

Purchase the Domain

Purchase the domain from domain auction sites.


5M Domains/Month

5M Domains/Month

Search for up to 5 million domains per month from Backhunter domain database.

Filter Domains

Filter Domains

You can filter domains based on several attributes, like TLD, domain character, MOZ data, backlinks, etc.

Team Account

Team Account

Invite your team to Backhunter account to optimize your hunting process.



Don't like certain domains to appear on your search result? Put them on the blacklist.

Worth the Price

Worth the Price

Low price for valuable results. Starting with only $22/month.

Domain Samples

Here are some samples from Backhunter domain database.

No Domain Age (Year) Price Expired In Moz DA Moz Links
1 0 $ 75 1d:28m:15s 33 205
2 0 $ 32 1d:19m:15s 31 1030
3 0 $ 12 1d:18m:15s 22 288
4 3 $ 15 1d:18m:15s 30 609
5 6 $ 10 1d:18m:15s 27 1155
6 8 $ 10 1d:15s 15 250
7 13 $ 10 1d:15s 17 78
8 0 $ 12 1d:15s 1 3
9 0 $ 12 1d:15s 1 0
10 0 $ 12 1d:15s 1 1
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Billed Yearly


$22/ month
  • starter Plan FeatureMOZ Data
  • starter Plan FeatureAuction domain list
  • starter Plan FeatureAdvanced filter domain
  • starter Plan Feature200K+ domains every month
  • starter Plan Feature500 Manual DA Credits
  • starter Plan FeatureCheck to Wayback Machine
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Recommended Plan

$48/ month
  • pro Plan FeatureMOZ Data
  • pro Plan FeatureAuction domain list
  • pro Plan FeatureBuy Now domain list
  • pro Plan FeatureAdvanced filter domain
  • pro Plan Feature200K+ domains every month
  • pro Plan FeatureHide unwanted domain
  • pro Plan FeatureExpired domain list
  • pro Plan FeatureExport filtered list
  • pro Plan Feature1000 Manual DA Credits
  • pro Plan FeatureCheck to Wayback Machine
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$68/ month
  • enterprise Plan FeatureMOZ Data
  • enterprise Plan FeatureAuction domain list
  • enterprise Plan FeatureBuy Now domain list
  • enterprise Plan FeatureAdvanced filter domain
  • enterprise Plan Feature200K+ new domain every month
  • enterprise Plan FeatureHide unwanted domain
  • enterprise Plan FeatureExpired domain list
  • enterprise Plan FeatureExport filtered list
  • enterprise Plan Feature3 Users on team
  • enterprise Plan Feature2000 Manual DA Credits
  • enterprise Plan FeatureCheck to Wayback Machine
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