What Is Private Blog Network and Its Impact on SEO

Amid the many pros and cons of PBN building for SEO, it turns out that there are still some who do not understand what is private blog network. And how the effect of implementing this technique on the websites.

To further enlighten your mind, this article will briefly and clearly explain what is private blog network. Also, it is accompanied by the way to identify PBNs. Further, this article also provides alternatives to prevent your site from being penalized.

Hopefully, after you read this article to the end, you can take wise steps to increase your site’s ranking on SERP without having to bear penalties. Happy reading!

“What is PBN?” Or “What Is Private Blog Network?”

Above are questions that often arise in many people’s heads, and maybe you are even often curious about it.

Factually, private blog networks refer to the sites linked to a main or authority website.

And the main website here is the leading money-making site you control, and you want to promote it better in search engines.

Its Impact On SEO

Based on the previous explanation, we can conclude that PBNs can boost the ranking of a particular site on the SERP. That way, your main website has a chance to get the high ranks on the first page of Google.

It is, of course, due to the existence of PBN backlinks connected to your site. Further, this technique slowly shows that your website has authority among others.

However, be aware that this technique may harm your sites and that high ranking will only last temporarily. Before finally, Google detects a strange activity on your sites and issues a penalty.

How Do PBN Backlinks Work?

Now, you know slightly about what is private blog network. But before looking for how to build a private blog network, you’d better know how it works on your site first.

Broadly speaking, this technique closely relates to the importance of backlinks on a website. As the main principle, the more links connected back on a website, the greater the signal of the website’s authority shown to search engines.

However, we know that building those links one by one will take a lot of time, cost, and effort.

Therefore, PBN emerged, which is considered more effective than building lots of backlinks manually. Because basically, PBN is created from a valuable expired domain and already has authority before.

So, the website owner does not need to take a long time to increase the ranking of his money-making website on the SERP.

As an illustration, here is a private blog network example for you:

You have purchased three to eight expired domains that already have authority in search engines. And now, you only need to link back about five links per PBN to your main website.

Then, immediately, you will get 15-40 backlinks at once, which can bring your money-making website to the top of Google rankings.

Is PBN Good for SEO?

There are various opinions on this. Behind the instant results PBN provides in achieving high rankings on the SERP, some experts put this as a black hat SEO technique considered a scam.

However, some also believe PBNs are gray hat SEO strategies and will not harm the site. With requirements like the PBN links are independent, one PBN for one money-making web only, and linking valuable backlinks with unique and high-quality content.

Why Do People Still Work with It Today?

Of course, PBN offers a shortcut to get the top ranking on the SERP. We know that the new website does not have enough power to occupy that position immediately. And relying on organic backlinks costs you more money, time, and effort.

That is why many people choose to transfer the authority of the expired domain to their main money-making website. Thus, they are faster in producing the desired output.

Having understood what is private blog network, you also need to know that through PBN, you can make all valuable backlinks under your control.

Thus, at this stage, PBN manipulates search engines by showing the website’s authority as if it has natural or “organic” backlinks.

Although it sometimes lasts temporarily, PBN has managed to attract the interest of many people so far.

So, once you asked, do private networks still work? The quickest answer is yes.

Acknowledge The Private Blog Networks

Besides knowing what is private blog network, it’s good for you to understand how to detect PBN sites.

The following are some of the signs that indicate the presence of PBNs and potentially get penalized by Google:

  1. All sites come from the same IP address
  2. Some sites have similar backlink profiles
  3. Content that is not unique, fresh, and new. Even some duplicate the same articles with identical images and videos.
  4. A website that has a similar design as other sites. Both in terms of color scheme, navigation, and others. It also needs to be suspected of being a PBN.
  5. Have the same proprietary information. You can check the WhoIs database to see if some blogs are connected or not.

White Hat SEO for Better Alternatives

Please keep in mind. After knowing what is private blog network and all the things related to it, it doesn’t mean you can adopt it without considering the viability of your website.

Instead of going the instant way and temporarily occupying the top SERP rankings, it’s better to follow white hat SEO strategies. By following search engine guidelines correctly, your website will last longer.

Although it is pretty time-consuming to get results, at least white hat SEO keeps you away from being detected by Google bots. Then ends up with deindexation and penalties.

Below are the best alternatives to gain high ranks on the search engine result page:

1. Make sure you have great-quality content

Quality content emphasizes uniqueness and relevance to your market niche. Also, always fresh and optimized.

Moreover, it would be great to consistently create content preceded by keyword research and publish it regularly. The more a site is populated with content, the more Google webmasters recognize your website’s authority.

2. Prioritizing natural backlinks

Organic backlinks maybe take a long time, but at least this is obtained from high-quality content. It’s not just purchased backlinks and earned instantly.

3. Avoid other SEO technique mistakes

You can start this by avoiding building websites with slow-loading sites or pages. Also, promote high-quality ads and prevent lots of pop-up windows.

Final Thought

That’s an explanation of what is private blog network and how it affects your website.

However, just knowing what is private blog network is will not be enough to save you from its risks. Therefore, also explore other wiser strategies in applying this technique. Hence, immediately realize a high ranking on the SERP.

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