What Is Guest Posting in SEO and The Way To Minimize Its Risks

Anyone won’t deny how powerful links are to increase website rankings in search engines. And one way to get lots of backlinks is by presenting guest blogging. However, before going further into the strategy, it’s good to know what is guest posting in SEO.

What Is Guest Posting in SEO?

While the question “what is guest posting in SEO?” is still ringing in your mind, then you will not sleep well tonight. Therefore, it is time to provide a clear explanation of the meaning of guest blogging.

Guest posting is also called guest blogging. It is about writing an article on someone else’s blog and getting a backlink in return.

Generally, this backlink comes as an Author Box put at the bottom of the post.

Later, guest blogging aims to increase exposure and build relationships with other bloggers and readers. Consequently, your website will gain authority.

Through the explanations above, we can say that guest posting is one of the marketing strategies in increasing your website’s power.

It is undeniable that every website owner looks forward to high-quality content. Therefore, the guest posts that you write must also follow the requirements of certain bloggers. And vice versa.

That way, guest blogging can benefit both parties. One website owner will succeed in obtaining backlinks. Meanwhile, the other will attract audiences to his site with high-quality content.

Is This Strategy Perfect for Bloggers?

Understanding what is guest posting in SEO is not enough. Subsequently, it would help clarify whether this strategy is perfect for bloggers or not.

Regarding this situation, guest blogging will benefit the website owners as long as they can edit and filter all incoming articles before posting them. And ensure the content is of excellent quality.

While sorting the articles, please check that the posts are not overpopulated with lots of unrelated links. It would be best to avoid redirect links and unavailable sites, though.

And ensure that your posts only link to sites that provide value to your website.

Is Guest Posting Safe in SEO?

We can say yes.

Although in 2014, guest blogging was considered spammy. And this is because many website users do not filter content properly.

Regardless, guest posting is the most effective strategy for building strong links to date. Yet, it has to come with quality content and is not accompanied by unnecessary links. All is good and safe for SEO.

How Guest Post Helps in SEO

You can gain the full benefits of guest posting on SEO by following the tips below.

1. Secure the Backlink

We know that backlinks are essential in increasing rankings in search engines. Well, by contributing to other bloggers’ guest posts, you can directly earn one more of your new backlinks.

However, you also have to make sure that all the links you attach to the article must be contextually related and do not refer to other sites that are not valuable.

What’s more, you don’t need to include nofollow links in your guest posts. It is better to prioritize what fits the context.

2. Links in The Body Article

It is essential to do. Although generally, bloggers have provided an Author Box containing your short biography accompanied by a link. However, it would be better to ask them also to allow you to include links in the body article.

Prioritize placing relevant links and supporting content so that everything looks natural in SEO.

Besides, putting links in the body article will further increase the potential for readers to click on it.

3. Don’t Forget the Anchor Text

It is undeniable anchor text is also an essential element in SEO. That’s why you are also recommended to put anchor text in your guest posts.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to set your anchor text with exact keywords. On the contrary, this will make Google think your content is manipulative.

There are five types of anchor text that you can put in your posts:

  1. Related to your brand
  2. Contains full or partial URL
  3. Focus on the specific keywords you want to rank for
  4. Long relevant keywords that you want to rank higher
  5. Or white noise like: “Click Here” “here” and the like

Well, even though anchor text would be better if it were rich in the intended keywords, putting too much of it is not the best way.

Although there is no official benchmark in SEO regarding how much anchor text contains keywords to be added. It’s suitable for a maximum of 20% of the total existing links.


Do not use the exact anchor text over and over again. Prioritize making them valuable and make sense of your content look natural.

The Way to Reach Guest Posting Sites

The discussion about “what is guest posting in SEO” will be further narrowed in this section. Here, you start to enter how to reach welcome websites with guest blogging.

There are two steps you can adopt to reach sites that are open to outside contributors, namely:

1. Reaching websites via Google search

You can search with keywords such as “Top blogs on…” and list several sites that have content relevant to your industry.

Furthermore, you can also take advantage of:

  • Search string
  • or, follow the active and welcoming figures or companies to guest posting.

2. Utilize guest posting sites that connect bloggers and publishers

However, this second method is sometimes ineffective because most only provide guest posts with perfunctory content.

Therefore, until now, the first step is the most recommended.

Not All Bloggers Accept Guest Blogging

Instead of focusing on “what is guest posting in SEO,” it’s good also to understand that not all bloggers are welcome to the outside contributors.

Mostly famous bloggers don’t even have time to reply to your guest post submission email. Other than that, it’s too long, and they don’t have enough time to read it one by one.

Therefore, sending a short email that clearly illustrates the content is better.

In addition, bloggers may start to be wary of accepting guest posts because previously, people only cared about backlinks rather than quality content.

Prominent bloggers have a truly live audience and prefer high-quality, unique content. So, you have to ensure it fits their preference.

Paid Guest Posting

What is guest posting in SEO should not result is in requesting payment for publishment. Thus, you have to be careful with this. Under any guise, paying for links violates Google’s guidelines. And you will get a penalty if caught in manual review.

So, make sure you don’t work with a company asking for a guest post payment.

Avoid PBN and Dropped Domains

Since most PBNs contain poor-quality backlinks, you should avoid this for a guest post.

Because in truth, what is guest posting in SEO is that which is in white hat SEO strategies that do not sell links.

How to Identify the Poor-Quality Websites?

You already have a good understanding of what is guest posting in SEO. It’s time for you to identify the low-quality websites that you need to avoid:

  1. Identify whether the website has the same IP address as other sites. Because most of these are PBNs that will ask you for payment for a guest blogging.
  2. A credible website will have a domain name that is easy to understand and not suspicious. Use Majestic to check its historical backlink profile.
  3. Make sure the website is in the top 50 SERPs on the keywords you are aiming for. Or use SEMrush to check the site’s decent traffic.

Last Consideration

Now you know that what is guest posting in SEO is not just about earning backlinks in return. But it must also comply with Google’s guidelines to make it more potent in promoting the website. So, stick to the right strategy to get the best results you deserve!

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