A Complete Guide to What Is Backlink Analysis

Inbound links can determine the authority and quality of a website. In other words, they’re links coming from other sites that lead to yours. Hence, the more high-quality links you earn, the better your ranking gets. Below are guide to what is backlink analysis, so you can understand them well.

Link building is undeniably crucial because the strategy can provide a large audience. But it needs an excellent understanding of your current links. Also, you have to dig up information about the inbound links of your competing sites.

Moreover, backlink analysis can give you all the necessary information. Thus, it helps your site has a better rank in search results, too. So, if you’re planning on conducting it, keep reading.

What is Backlink Analysis?

It helps you assess the quality and number of backlinks referring to your site. Thus, with a comprehensive evaluation, you can know how they affect your SEO ranking.

Without a doubt, a backlink analysis enables you to boost your backlink profile. Additionally, it ensures you get information about other sites that give your content or domain inbound links.

Why Does a Backlink Analysis Matter?

After talking about what is backlink analysis, you should know the reason why it’s worth conducting. Since search engines find incoming links crucial, running an inbound link analysis is a good call.

A backlink analysis certainly shows the ability of your website to rank higher in search results. With it, you can discover spammy inbound links that can cause an unwanted Google penalty. Furthermore, you should disavow them, and therefore your website remains authoritative.

In addition to your site, you also need to run competitor backlinking. This SEO strategy allows you to analyze the inbound links of competitors. Moreover, it provides the types, quantity, and quality of incoming links for your business.

Thanks to backlink analysis, it helps you create an effective inbound link-building strategy for the sake of your site. Moreover, it shows the difficulty level that you’ll face to outrank your competitors.

Backlink analysis also offers potential inbound link opportunities. Furthermore, it provides ideas, so you can practice your link-building strategy right.

How to Run Inbound Link Analysis

After you know what is competitor backlink analysis, it’s time to conduct it. But if you’re new to it, simply follow these instructions. Hence, you can run incoming link analysis on your website or competitors’ sites.

1. Pick the Competing Websites You Want to Evaluate

I already explained to you what is backlink analysis. Furthermore, when running it, you must pick websites to assess first.

Then, after evaluating your own site, consider conducting backlink research. As a result, it helps reveal your competitors. So, you need to prioritize their websites for sure.

Simple Google searches will also help you discover your competitors. Just type target keywords and find the websites that obtain high rankings. Then, assess their inbound link profiles, and therefore you know how to outdo them.

In addition, you should opt for an incredible backlink analysis tool. Certainly, it will let you find a bunch of websites that compete for the same organic key terms.

The SEMrush backlink checker can offer a selection of your competitors. Furthermore, the basis is the quantity of the organic keywords two websites rank for.

2. Choose a Tool for Backlink Analysis

No guide to what is backlink analysis is complete without this step. Selecting backlink research tools is undoubtedly crucial. Here are inbound link analysis tools to consider:

Moz’s Link Explorer

This backlink analysis tool can evaluate your anchor text, linking domains, precious web pages, and inbound links.


SEMrush is undeniably one of the best backlink checker tools. Moreover, it measures and compares inbound link profiles.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs claims they boast the most excellent inbound link database in the industry. It allows you to evaluate any subsection, URL, or site.

These are paid backlink analysis tools. However, they give you a free trial. Try them all and select the tool that meets your needs.

3. Type the Domains and Gather the Information

When it comes what is backlink analysis, you shouldn’t forget to choose an incoming link research tool. Then, enter each domain, so you can obtain information.

You have to record everything while running backlink analysis. By doing so, you will be able to decide on your SEO strategy.

The data tracking method can be uncomplicated. Consider using Google or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

What Things Should You Assess in Backlink Analysis?

Without a doubt, backlink analysis uncovers lots of information. It can be time-consuming and overwhelming for sure.

When conducting incoming link analysis, you must select a few main pieces of information to evaluate each website properly. Try looking at these three:

Referring Domains



Speaking of what is backlink analysis, you also need to know the quantity of referring domains. It can unearth your most precious content and backlinks.

This information also helps you discover inbound link opportunities for your website. Consider sorting referring domains based on the authority.

After finding reliable websites that lead to your competitors, use them as inspiration for your upcoming content. Also, try looking for outreach opportunities.

Total Number of Unique Domains and Incoming Links

A guide to what is backlink analysis won’t be complete without understanding SEO tracking metrics. Knowing the quantity of the inbound links is critical. It provides a comparison between your competitors’ sites and your own based on the authority.

You have to assess the quantity of referring domains too. It uncovers the number of unique websites that connect to a particular site.

Normally, the number of referring domains is lower than the quantity of the incoming links. However, you need to gain a diverse backlink profile with plenty of domains. Additionally, be sure to earn backlinks from new websites.

Top Pages

This information lets you find top web pages on your own website and competing sites that boast the most inbound links.

Typically, the top page is the home page. If you have conducted outreach for your particular web pages, they will appear near your list’s top.

With top pages, you can know what kind of content suits your link-building strategy. Moreover, evaluating popular pages of your competitors’ websites is a good move. They can offer general ideas. Also, create interesting and trustworthy content to gain backlinks from new sites.

Here’s the end of my guide to what is backlink analysis. It can provide insightful information about your existing website and your competitors’. Since it’s crucial to any SEO strategy, make sure to run it right.

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