Understand How to Check Backlink and 6 Tools to Do It

This article is the right source to encounter if you are curious to know how to check backlink using the best tool. We will disclose not only one but six backlinks checkers for you. But, before going to the list, it would be best to understand the backlink’s definition and its importance.

Backlinks Definition

What is a backlink? Backlinks are the results of networks made outside of the web pages. Specifically, they are formable when a web page links to another one after tagging the latter on its page and links to it. Relationships like that come in handy to lead traffic to your site and advance the authority.

Backlinks Simulated as…

Supposed A is a travel blogger who reviews a homey guest house and publishes a blog post about it. B is the owner of the accommodation who then links to that review on his web page. Then, this link is a backlink for A.

It links back from another page to your web page. People also refer to these as incoming or inbound links.

Nevertheless, a backlink should be a natural link if you require it to increase your web page worth. Chances to utilize paid links to your page do exist, though, yet Google will highly ban or even lessen your ranking by doing so.

So, adhere to gaining natural backlinks since they will assist in enhancing the authority of your domain and progress the rank of your page.

Also, a few links of high quality are always better than many but of low value. The former will drive more improved leads for the business of yours and assist you in ranking up.

Technical Reasons of Backlinks’ Importance

  • Shaping Authority of a Page

For your business, backlinks are important since they decide the authority of your site. You expect to gain a domain of high authority since it benefits you to be visible in more related search results.

  • Becoming Symbols of Endorsement

Backlinks represent endorsement that happened through your content by the other web pages when you earn them. Google will presume that your content is relevant and valuable for other web pages to link to if the search engine recognizes more than one page of high authority link back to your sites.

This certain search engine then decides that your relevant content is respectable to have a better rank in the search results, thus more internet users can discover it if it is worth linking to.

  • Deciding Page’s Relevancy

Backlinks decide your page’s relevancy. Google will know that you have a relevant page to a particular topic if you are discussing it and if the certain site of yours is linkable by authority web pages of the same matter in their content.

Other Backlinks Benefits

Besides the practical reasons above, a lot of other advantages provided by backlinks are as follows.

  • Making Connections

You take a chance of having a connection with authority webpages and blogs when you reach out to them. A relationship of long term with important figures in the field is a superb method to raise the trust of your business.

  • Gaining Traffic of Reference

The authority web pages lead-related traffic to a site of yours when they link to it. Your website traffic will intensify, thus inflating your sale on the page.

  • Growing Your Brand

Gaining backlinks will inaugurate your authority in the field. More backlinks guarantee more internet users to discover your name. It is a clever strategy to make you become a certain subject’s authority and raise your brand awareness to more people.

How to Check Backlink

It is easy to understand how to check backlink using a checker tool. It will assist you to monitor those who link to your pages.

Mostly, the checking process will require you to input the chosen URL into the search column on the web page. After that, it will deliver the site’s data to you. On top of the authority of the site and other significant facts, backlink checker tools will also help you understand links that lead to the site.

1. How to Check Backlink with Ahrefs?

Ahrefs requires the common procedure for the initial step. Then, this tool will tell you things as follows.

  • Domain rating
  • Domain linked frequency to the site
  • New links
  • Lost and broken links
  • How to check backlink’s decline and growth
  • Organic traffic
  • Sites with the most successful drive

2. How to Check Backlink Using Moz Link Explorer?

Moz Link Explorer lets you know about anchor text used, inbound links, spam score, and the linking page’s authority. Besides, it also provides chances for you to learn how to check backlink and others. The following lists are things you can do with this tool.

  • Build up prospecting link
  • Repair broken links
  • Find lost or new links
  • Have insights from competitor links
  • Find chances of link building
  • Make better content with link data

3. Free Trials Tool: SEMrush

How to check backlink with SEMrush? Inputting the URL of the chosen pages will do as the initial step, the same as the previous two tools. The difference is this tool allows you to input more than one URLs at the same time. So, you can learn about your and your competitor’s backlinks at once.

Further, analyzing the in-depth link is also allowable here. It helps you:

  • knowing incoming links,
  • evaluate links’ domain authority,
  • check anchor text used,
  • view linking pages’ titles and URLs, and
  • understand link source geographically.

4. One of the Best Backlink Checkers: Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo provides chances to check domain names and keywords. Specifically, it offers you to do the following things.

  • Know pages with the highest ranking for particular keywords
  • See links that lead to the highest-ranking page
  • Have notices about new links
  • Form relationships with web pages that link to your business by keeping track of them
  • Learn how to check backlink’s organic growth
  • Optimize the tactic to gain more backlinks for sites with not-so-well performance

5. Google Search Console, A Free Backlink Checker

You can use this free Google backlink checker to increase your page’s rank as well as observe and uphold the presence of your site in the search result. The other actions you can do:

  • Know whether or not Google can make your site crawl
  • Repair indicating troubles
  • Outlook the page’s search traffic statistics
  • Tell your appearing frequency in search results of Google
  • Understand which inquiries cause the appearance of your web page in the search results

6. Majestic, One of the Oldest

How to check backlink with Majestic? This tool will provide an abundance of great information after you type your chosen domain in the search column. It shows you referring subnets, referring IPs, external backlinks, backlink history, and referring domains.

Gain More Backlinks, Begin Today

You can begin to gain more for your business in the time you understand how to check backlink. And, you can benefit from the important statistics afforded by the six best checking tools above to get your sites more links.

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