What SEO Means and How SEO Works

You must have been looking for articles to explain how SEO works or something associated with it looking at how you ended up being on this page, right. Whatever search engine you use, we are excited to have you here to understand the optimization mechanism.

Opening: How Search Engines Work

Before explaining how SEO works, let us tell you something. It is neither a coincidence for you to encounter this page nor this article appears randomly before your eyes. Your search engines apply a very thorough and complicated algorithm to single out a page from millions of others of the same topic.

The chosen pages are the ones your search engines assume as the most relevant to deliver to you. They hope their indexed articles could satisfy your exploration with the right answer.

Search engines comprehend this certain system. By offering you the appropriate and high valued results continuously, you finally put your trust and make them the only search engine you depend on. Further, this article will explain how SEO works through the following explanations.

What SEO Means

SEO is the acronym of search engine optimization. It is a tactic of digital marketing which emphasizes the existence of your webpage in search results. Comprehending the mechanism of SEO means enabling yourself to utilize diverse strategies to achieve a higher rank.

Types of SEO

SEO is considerable into two types. The first is on-page SEO. It is all SEO strategies that occur inside your webpage. The second is off-page SEO. It is all SEO tactics that happen outside of your site. Making your page friendlier and trustworthy to search engines and people is their goal.

The friendly appearance of your page seen by search engine crawlers will raise your better rank opportunities for different explorations.

A Brief Instance of How SEO Works

The following example will illustrate how SEO works for you.

Supposed websites A and B are all yours. A is not approachable in terms of difficult use and navigation by smartphones or tablets users. Meanwhile, B is the opposite. People have better experience in using and navigating it, be it through a desktop or the other mentioned gadgets.

Looking from a search engine’s perspective, it is effortless to decide which one is friendlier.

Yet, of course, you cannot conclude that the mechanism of a search engine is that simple. Since there are over 200 different factors used by search engines, how they work is more intricate than that. The aspects influence diverse results to generate, thus affecting your position also.

The Connection Between You, Search Engines, and SEO

Here is an illustration. You want online information on search engine optimization mechanisms. Then, you type ‘how SEO works’ as a search query.

The search engines deliver a page of thirteen results. People call this page SERP (search engine results page). In this case, it displays a list of five pay-per-click (PPC) ads and eight organic results.

How come they are the ones on this list? Well, the PPC ads appear because they are payable for it, while the organic results show due to SEO influence. Note that nobody can pay search engines to fill a place in the organic results. It is the ads that Google and others make money from.

Then, the search engine will have a higher chance of you repeatedly using them if they show better results for every search. Further, frequent use of them leads to a repetitive show of ads and more income they can get.

Now, you get what the connection between you, search engines, and SEO is, right.

Reason to Care SEO’s Effect

Let us go back to the time you enter a search query of ‘how SEO works’ and SERP appears. Fat chance you click on the initial few results and hit some others below on the same page if the previous sites do not meet your satisfaction.

Now, for example, you run a website called ‘UpToMe’ with some posts on the same topic. If your site is not well optimizable, the SERP will not contain your contents on its first page unless the search query consists of your brand, like ‘UpToMe how SEO works’.

It wraps a conclusion that no one will ever find you if they do not know your presence but search for someone who resembles you. Let it aside, you will not even have an opportunity to explain that you are better than the rivalry in the field. In other words, you waste chances without SEO.

You Can Rank without SEO Somehow

Under luck, some sites can rank without SEO. But it is more due to what they provide that is not containable in other people’s. Otherwise, there is no way SERP will show your content on the first page with no effort of web optimization.

Technical Narration of How SEO Works

After knowing the information above, let us explain how SEO works in more technical detail.

Search engines have some instruments called spiders, which curate information of all kinds about your content on your website.

With such ability, a search engine can easily decide the perfect time to deliver the content of your webpage to a searcher. Well, social signals, title tags, page speed, backlinks, and internal linking are a few things from what they collect.

As stated previously, a search engine involves over 200 different factors to rank sites in its algorithm. So, naturally, numerous things and actions are present to consider for website optimization. Aspects of on-page and off-page decide how well your site rank is.

Note that these spiders have some boundaries as they are not living beings but automated computer programs. They cannot view videos or images, thus not affected by audio clips or interesting designs.

How SEO Works for Business of Yours

You now understand that a website without optimization is a mere online entity consisting of writings. SEO meaning in business is equivalent to it as everything connects to, with, and through the internet. Yet, how do you make it works for yours, though?

The first step would be to fill yourself with some other knowledge about keyword research, content, header tags, web design, web development, structured data, page speed, indexing and crawling, and link building.

Website Optimizing Begins Now

It is not an overwhelming job to optimize your website. If you do not have the skill and technique to do it, web strategies are always open for inquiry. Reaching out and using their service are ways to initial invest in your business. They can show how SEO works for you, your webpage, and your corporate.

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